Chatsworth History Quiz

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1. What year did California join the United States?

2. What year did Chatsworth celebrate its centennial?

3. Which president signed the Homestead Act?
John F. Kennedy
Ulysses S. Grant
Abraham Lincoln

4. What was the first preservation project completed by the CHS?
Stoney Point
Pioneer Church
Stagecoach Trail

5. For what purpose did the California Indians use the leaching basin?
To bathe their children
To remove tannic acid from acorn mush
To wash their cars

6. Who was Ann Willden Johnson?
The first mayor of Chatsworth
A nun at the San Fernando Mission
The first English speaking woman to settle in Chatsworth

7. When did Chatsworth become part of the city of Los Angeles?

8. Who has written a definitive history of Chatsworth?
Ann Willden Johnson
Virginia Watson
Minnie Hill Palmer

9. Of which mission lands was Chatsworth part of the property?
San Buenventura Mission
Santa Barbara Mission
San Fernando Mission

10. In 1951, large industry moved to Chatsworth. What was the name of the first company to call Chatsworth home?
North American Aviation 
Elgin Micronics
Deluxe Check Printing Company

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