IMG_6687 smallMarcia Burns, founder of Design Balance Feng Shui, is a recognized designer, adviser, and educator of Feng Shui.  She provides expert advice to both corporate and individual clients and is equally comfortable advising on large business premises and small studio apartments.  She also conducts workshops and speaking engagements on a wide variety of Feng Shui topics. She interprets proven, ancient Feng Shui principles to fit our Western culture.  Her practice is client focused and addresses their specific goals, taste, and preferred decor.  With well honed communications skills, she coaches and educates clients, providing clear explanations of findings and easily implemented recommendations.

Marcia brings general business savvy and experience as a creative professional for  Fortune 500 companies to her Feng Shui practice.  With over 15 years’ experience in the field, she applies her natural sense of proportion, color, and style with a strong intuitive sense.  Her real-world solutions are both practical and cost effective.  She works with clients in the Greater Philadelphia Area, and nationally, consulting both on-site and remotely.  She has proven to be a perfect partner for creating a new environment or updating an existing space, providing customized design advice for residences and businesses.


Marcia has studied with some of the world’s most renowned scholars in the field and has been  awarded Red Ribbon Professional status in the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), which upholds the highest standards for Feng Shui professionals by maintaining excellence in training.  Marcia studied at the Feng Shui Alliance School, where she completed the Feng Shui Certification program, as well as 2 years of advanced Feng Shui studies.  She participates in mentoring first year apprentices and is a designated Interior Redesign Consultant, School of Graceful Lifestyles.  Her education also includes a B.A. in Economics, Hood College and an M.B.A./Sloan Fellow, London Business School, London, England.