Are you seeking positive change for your business?  DesignBalance Feng Shui can help by arranging your office so that “chi” (or energy) flows freely in order to support your business goals and advance your enterprise.

Have you ever noticed how some companies seem to flourish, where others struggle for   no apparent reason?  For example, I have observed over the years that a neighborhood restaurant venue changes ownership frequently, while another close-by restaurant is long-standing and always buzzing with customers.  The physical siting of a business location, and application of Feng Shui principles is extremely critical to success.

From large corporations, like British Airways, to financial institutions and retailers, a growing number of companies is calling on skilled Feng Shui consultants to help  re-energize and develop their business. And you can, too.


DesignBalance Feng Shui offers various levels of project scale…from advising on one, small issue or area, in a single session, to performing more encompassing consulting work, either alone or as part of a design team.

Project scope may include Feng Shui analysis and recommendations of:

  • Site selection
  • Architects drawings
  • Materials assessment
  • Interior layout, furniture/accessories selection and placementFor Business 2
  • Color selection
  • Signage
  • Landscaping
  • Business cards, website, print materials

DesignBalance Feng Shui will work with you to help your business:

  • Attract new customers/business opportunities
  • Promote customer satisfaction and retention
  • Enhance the company’s reputation
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance cash flow
  • Increase employee  satisfaction and improve relations
  • Design meetings and conference spaces for a more successful outcome
  • Get a fresh start by eliminating negative energy in the environment
  • Support employee and business success