Feng Shui and Color

A primary aspect of Feng Shui is the use of color within a home or business.

Feng Shui and Color

Benefits of appropriate color choices include:
    • Harmony and balance in the space, which is reflected in our lives or business performance.
    • Clarity when we are surrounded by the right shades.
    • A sense of ease, allowing new ideas to flow and opportunities to present themselves.
    • Colors can intensify the amount of chi, or life force energy, having the effect of revitalization.
    • The right colors can promote focus on our new path.


When choosing colors we consider their hue, tone and saturation.


A hue is the actual color e.g., green, red, yellow, white, blue.  This selection, determined in a consultation, is connected with the Feng Shui Elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Tone has to do with how dark or light the colors are.  If the room is dark, we create balance with lighter tones of a chosen hue.  Darkness within a room may result from small windows, a north-facing room,  windows blocked by tall buildings or trees,  heavy curtains, type of furniture within, etc.  Very small rooms, rooms with a low ceiling fan, or excess furniture benefit from pale tones that give feel of more spaciousness.  In some cases, e.g. to minimize unevenly shaped areas,  it is useful to use a darker tone of a chosen hue.


Saturation has to do with how bright or intense colors are.  Very bright colors can be good to make the atmosphere dramatic, cheerful. dynamic etc  If you want a calm atmosphere, e.g. in a bedroom, use muted shades (a more grey type of color or a hue that is serene to you).


We generally use one main hue for a room in differing tones and shades.  We then add one or two secondary, contrasting colors for accessories, art etc.  This makes the  room more interesting, helps to create focal points that correspond to areas of the bagua (the Feng Shui mapping tool), and gives a sense of movement in the room.  All of this helps to  create an energetic environment to stimulate desired changes in your life or business. Look carefully around your  home or workplace and see how you feel.  If you have any questions please email me at marcia@designbalancefengshui.com.