Feng Shui is a design system for arranging your surroundings in harmony and balance with the natural world around you.  Your surroundings have a powerful effect on what you attract into your life.  So many of us clutter our homes with things that symbolically represent the emotional clutter we feel inside.  When the energy around you is blocked, your prosperity, relationships, health, and well-being can be affected.  When the energy is balanced, good things naturally flow into your life.  Wonderful interiors are not just made of paint, furniture, and accessories.  Wonderful interiors are filled with sensory goodies that make you “feel” at home.   Homes that incorporate Feng Shui into their design are full of welcome, calm, light, flow, and a sense of the people who live there.


Feng Shui is helpful to individuals in many situations, including the following:

Your life feels “stuck”
You are having financial problems
You have recently moved
You are experiencing health problems
There has been family discord
You are in a life transition, such as marriage, divorce or new job
You wish to re-energize your life with a fresh start

Allow me to be your guide for creating a home that nourishes and inspires you.