“I worked with several other Philadelphia Feng Shui consultants before I met Marcia…. she has beenFeng Shui Referrals - Wilmington, MainLine, and Philly awesome  to work with… she didn’t recommend ridiculous suggestions such as painting my whole house red…….she suggested easy to implement things such as changing curso Adobe Illustrator around the placement of certain objects, adding a plant here or putting a butterfly pic on a wall….. adding a small blue rug at the bottom of steps….. after we noticed that our finances started to improve…. picked up some better paying clients and the low paying clients faded away…… we fought less….. having better energy in the house made for better changes in the rest of our lives…. very worthwhile investment for us!”

“Marcia has a very intuitive approach that is married with the scientific…. love how she gives suggestions that are practical and not too pricey…. she was very generous with her time and we were able to email and call her months after to ask her other questions about the consult. She was a joy to work with and we saw how the cures made some of our financial and business affairs much easier to handle with less struggle and more joy.”

“Marcia is a joy to work with….. she was thorough in her evaluations and the cures she has suggested are resulting in things being easier in the areas of finances and business for us. The cures she suggests are practical and not too difficult to implement.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful input and CREATIVE ideas…I am seeing spaces in a new way today and feel wonderfully energized.”

“I would like to thank you for your role in making our 2008 Tribal Leaders Summit a great success. As you know, it was a meeting of over 400 Native American Tribal and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leaders. With your guidance, we were able to create a warm, collaborative environment in an otherwise cold, empty meeting room. Additionally, your ability to identify areas where we could recognize and honor nature was key in creating surroundings that promoted cooperation and agreement among conflicting parties.”

“I am excited about revitalizing our bedroom, which I thought would not be possible. I’m feeling the spaciousness, creativity and new energy already.”

“I can’t thank you enough for coming to our club to speak about Feng Shui. You were eloquent and interesting, and I know that everyone enjoyed what you had to say and the stimulating discussion it provoked.”

“I have been curious about Feng Shui for quite some time, and now I can see it actually come to life.  With keen incites and attention to detail, Marcia made suggestions to improve the energy and flow of my dance studio.  Upon following her guidance, I received many compliments on the improvements made, and have enjoyed the positive effect on our bottom line.”

“I am very grateful for the distance consultation that Marcia conducted on my 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom. She had not been sleeping well for the past year and wakes up at around 2:00 a.m. saying that she is having awful and scary thoughts. Now she is sleeping great, and her mood is much better in the morning. I used to nickname her “surly girl” because she woke up in a heavy mood, dragging herself through the house. I thought that she just wasn’t a morning person. She has been a pleasure every morning…who knew it was possible! Thank you soooooo much!”

“Prior to opening my new pilates studio, a dear friend gave me a Feng Shui consultation with Marcia as a gift…what a great gift! She was very thorough, positive and clear about priorities and specific recommendations. Business is flourishing beyond my dreams.”

Feng Shui Referrals - Wilmington, MainLine, and Philly“Marcia’s consultation was a catalyst for me to articulate my goals. She analyzed my property, making observations and suggestions to put the property into optimal balance for health and goal achievement. Her style was forthright, clear, flexible and focused. She made the information she shared easy for me to understand. I really appreciate her mix of seriousness and and lightheartedness. The energy now feels welcoming.”

“Marcia was a valued member of our team that included an architect, interior designer, chief of construction and landscape architect. She demystified the esoteric art of Feng Shui and rendered it digestible to the design field.”

“Marcia gave me invaluable advice on placement, arrangement and lighting, that was all relatively inexpensive, prior to putting my condo on the market. The result was massive interest, leading to a sale above my asking price. She is very down to earth, professional and accessible.”

“Marcia has a calming effect on people. In a very practical way she can change the way you view your life and surroundings. It is a joy to work with her and gain from her in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui.”

“When I first hired Marcia to clear my office space, I was a bit skeptical about what the results might be.  However, the office felt so different after her space clearing session that patients kept asking me what I had done. There was an immediate spike in business, which I attributed to her work and the calm, warm environment she helped to create. As my practice grew, I expanded into a larger space and had no reticence calling for Marcia’s help. The new office felt great, and patients remarked on how peaceful it made them feel. The effect was immediate with so many new patients calling to book that it was difficult to keep up with demand.”

“Marcia is the third Feng Shui consultant with whom I have worked…and by far the one that I have enjoyed and appreciated the most. She immediately puts a client at ease with her confidence, clarity and competence. She conveys simple, doable solutions to design and energy challenges that cost less than I would have imagined. My realtor came back to see my townhouse after a complete makeover with Marcia’s help. She didn’t want to leave…She kept saying “It feels so good here now”.

“I am a residential architect and often refer Marcia to my clients who are receptive to Feng Shui principles. I describe her as intuitive, perceptive, and very careful and thorough with her evaluations and recommendations. She is articulate, explains concepts thoughtfully, and listens carefully. I have found her recommendations to be very practical and effective.”


“Marcia worked with my friend at her wellness center, and I was blown away by what she created. That inspired me to invite her to my home, and I am thrilled with her suggestions. She brought about an inner alignment of who I am, my work, and my home. I can’t wait to finish my home…it is going to be a sacred sanctuary for my family, friends and me. Marcia is a gift to the planet!”


“A number of people in my law firm have stopped in to tell me that they love the way you placed the furniture in my new office. It looks great and it’s an incredibly comfortable arrangement in which to work. As you know, sometimes we cling to the familiar, i.e., an old office, but when change is thrust upon us, great things happen!”

Marcia Burn’s Feng Shui consultation is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. I hired her to arrange the placement of furnishings so that my business would have a great feeling when clients walked in the door…as well for employees and those of us serving clients.  Mission accomplished… we all love it here!”