Marcia Burns was introduced to Feng Shui 20 years ago, while conducting business in Asia as a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company.  It was there that she directly experienced how applying Feng Shui to a business environment can powerfully affect productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, and a company’s bottom line.  With keen focus on results she had witnessed, she became a certified Feng Shui consultant and has studied with many internationally well-known  Feng Shui masters.

She is a green design advocate, whose passion is helping clients create a home and workspace that supports success, health, abundance and well-being.

She integrates her academic and life experiences, applying both when consulting with clients.  She continues her studies with various Feng Shui experts and shares her ongoing learning with clients.  Her compassion and insight enhance the trust which clients place in her assessments.  Her love of Feng Shui is evident as an inspiring speaker.

Through her company DesignBalance Feng Shui,  Marcia Burns provides residential and business consultations nationwide, both onsite and remotely.