Will I have to change my decor in order to have good Feng Shui?
Not at all.  A consultation doesn’t require that you change your personal taste.  One of the most important principles of Feng Shui is that you surround yourself with what you love.  Your own likes and dislikes are always taken into consideration.  Your home or workspace should be a reflection of you and what uplifts you.

I am on a budget.  Will recommmendations be expensive to implement?
I always base recommendations on your budget and desires for your space.  Many recommendations cost little or no money; I work first with what you have, prior to suggesting purchases.  Several clients have expressed that Feng Shui intentional design is much more cost effective than traditional interior design services.

Can you Feng Shui a small apartment of office cubicle?
Yes, it is desirable to bring balance to any space in which you live or work.  The energy of your environment affects you whether you own the property or not.  You can enjoy a significant effect on your life by creating positive energy (chi) flow in any space that you inhabit.

How would I integrate Feng Shui when using an interior designer?
A Feng Shui consultant considers a person’s nature and tendencies and designs an environment that best supports them.  There is meaning and thought, based on client-specific circumstances and incorporating time honored Feng Shui principles, behind each recommendation.  Often a Feng Shui consultant collaborates with an interior designer. It is ideal  for a Feng Shui consultant to be contacted initially, so that useful information can be integrated into an interior designer’s plan.  However, if a plan is already underway,  applying Feng Shui can still assist in refining the process.

I have read books on Feng Shui and have found that my house is all wrong.  Will I have to move to get good Feng Shui?
Most likely, that would not be required.  There are almost always Feng Shui remedies to shift poor energy.  Various cures can help to negate inauspicous energy and create poitive energy in your space.

How should I integrate my architect’s work with Feng Shui?
Optimum benefits are derived when a Feng Shui consultant works in conjunction with an architect, specifically prior to finalization of renderings.  However, a consultant can be brought in at any point to ensure balance.  The benefit of including Feng Shui is the consideration of how a client experiences the space via placement and flow related to windows, doors, walls and more.  Understanding the orientation of a structure, while considering cardinal directions, can greatly benefit occupants and is integral to their well-being.

How does your work stand out from the work of other Feng Shui consultants?
I have been trained in several schools of Feng Shui and use an integrative approach to find solutions that best suit the personality and needs of each individual client; my approach is definitely not one size fits all.   Listening to clients explain difficulties and finding solutions to help them overcome challenges is very rewarding.  Additionally, I am very experienced in defining the scope of any project to fit within my client’s budget.