A Feng Shui consultation helps to create harmony and balance in https://ebac.mx/power-bi any environment where you live, work or spend time.  Although most Feng Shui consults are conducted for homes and business establishments, they may be effectively conducted for any type of property, including boats, R V’s, and vacant land.

Feng Shui Consult

I  don’t have a “set in stone” consultation process, but rather I prefer  to stay flexible and approach the work based on client preferences, budget, time frame, etc.  Consultations run a broad gambit of activity.   Clients may request Feng Shui advice only on a specific room that may not feel “right” to them.  Others request advice on an entire house or office building and its property.  Still others prefer to precede a Feng Shui consult with space clearing to remove any energetic charges from previous owners or occupants and create a “clean slate” energetically.  This is especially helpful with: properties that have been in foreclosure; space that was previously occupied by an unsuccessful business venture; and homes whose previous occupants may have gone through divorce or trauma.

A consultation will typically focus on client priorities at a particular point in time.  It is common to develop an ongoing relationship between client and consultant with consultations phased (e.g. review of architect’s drawings, paint color selection, fabric/flooring/accessories/furniture selection and placement, landscaping considerations) in order to maximize results and address new areas of focus.

Feng Shui Consult Philadelphia

Having one to three clear goals in mind for what you want to accomplish helps to identify the areas of your space that currently deserve priority attention.  When your Feng Shui activity is focused on just a few main issues at a time, energy shifts that you trigger will be targeted  to those specific aspects of life or business.  I have developed proprietary questionnaires for both home and business to facilitate, and provide a starting point for, this process.

For on-site consultations, I typically do a walk-through of your space with you to take pictures and ask questions.Within two weeks I return and discuss my findings and design recommendations.  An oral report is provided at that time; written reports may be arranged at an additional charge.  As an important component of the consultation, I provide personal energy analyses for family members in residence or for business key employees.  Information gleaned from this analysis  is combined with information on the space itself, in order to provide relevant recommendations and an additional layer of personalization.  At our second on-site meeting I provide a folder of resource materials for your future reference and review the contents’ significance.  Follow-up emails or phone calls are encouraged after the Feng Shui consult and are free of charge, unless an extraordinary amount of time or a return site visit is required.

I conduct consultations from a distance in situations where an on-site evaluation is not practical.  My approach is similar to the on-site steps described above but the process is brought to life and facilitated  via digital photography exchange, email, phone, Face Time, Skype, etc.  Distance consultations are best suited for a one-room project or a small office or apartment.  Larger scale projects benefit more from on-site analysis in order to survey a space accurately from a Feng Shui perspective.

Consults can range in time from two hours for a small one-room office to several hours for a large home with expansive acreage or a corporate setting.