Space Clearing refers to any method used to dissipate negative, stagnant, or inauspicious energy (chi) in a space; it is a means of releasing stress or energetic charges that don’t serve us.  This helps to create balance and open opportunities to break up energetic patterns often underpinning habitual behaviors and perceptions.

Energy that we clear may be either current or residual, i.e. from past occurrences or emotional disturbances in the space.  Every environment acts like a sponge; whatever happens in a space leaves an imprint on the environment.  These vibrations can be left behind in furniture, floors, walls and the land itself.  People who spend time in an environment are affected by energetic charges that remain.  We affect the energy of where we live and work, and the energy of our environment affects us.

Found in most cultures and traditions throughout history, space clearing has been used to revitalize an environment after illness, conflict or other stressful event, or simply to release negative energy and create a positive environment for a new beginning.
Clearing methods include: the use of sound, incense, smudging, pendulum techniques, or simply intention.  Underlying all of the various techniques is a desire, across cultures, to align and attune energies of a space to their highest possible potential.

Space clearing ensures that we don’t take on what isn’t ours; it also provides a means for shielding us from geopathic stress (e. g. underground water, fault lines) which is emitted from the core of the earth and from electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s), resulting from our electronic society.  Clutter clearing deals with the physical or tangible, while space clearing has to do with nonphysical, intangible energy that we cannot see, but definitely feel…either consciously or subconsciously.


Benefits noticed from space clearing run a broad gambit, including:
Improved creativity
Better sleep quality
Improved communications and relationships
Increased vitality and energy
Enhanced financial flow
Increased feeling of ease and well-being
Reduced sense of struggle or being “stuck”

Through environmental clearing, we can alleviate locked or depleted energy and shield a home, business, and occupants from adverse energetic charges in order to promote positive relationships, well-being, and financial security and minimize health challenges.